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Why Dehydrated Food Is Good For You

One of the oldest modes of preserving food is dehydrating it. The old approaches of dehydrating food included fire and the sun’s heat. In the present day there are more sophisticated ways of drying food like placing it over low heat to minimize the level of moisture by three to five percent. Products like dairy can also be rehydrated later on. If you are looking for a solution that is healthy, cost-effective, practical and safe for preserving food, opt for dehydration and not canning. Shared in this article are some of the top benefits of choosing to dehydrate foods for future use.

The top merit is that it cuts down on costs. There are different means of drying food such as the oven, sun or a dehydrator. the most cost-friendly means of drying food among the options given above is the dehydrator. Normally, food is put on racks whole warm air blows over the racks. Little energy is wasted using dehydrators as they maintain a constant flow of temperature and air. It is cost-effective to purchase foods when they are in season and dry them for later use when they are out of season and scarce. There is no need to refrigerate dried foods meaning you save more on energy.

In the process of cooking and canning foods, some of the basic vitamins and mineral are lost. Since there is no cooking involved in drying foods, most of the minerals and vitamins are retained making it the ideal option for food preservation. For example, ten grapes have the same carolic value like ten raisins. Since dried foods have more fiber and potassium, they are good at maintaining optimal cholesterol and blood pressure. There are vegetables and fruits that have a high concentration of polyphenols and lycopene after they are dried. It is possible to get the needed portions of fruits each day by putting dried fruit in your morning yogurt or cereal.

Dehydrated foods are not prone to food poisoning or other types of contamination like canned foods. One of the main merits of opting for dehydrated foods is that they do not easily get mold or rancid after a long time of storage. Many dried foods can last up to a year given that they are stored in the correct temperature. The prolonged shelf life of dried foods makes it suitable for emergency cases. Dried foodstuffs can come to your rescue when there is no power or when you are stranded for whatever reason.?

Compared to canned foods, dehydrated foods are more practical. They are normally more compact compared to other foods because the process of dehydrating reduces volume and weight. That means you are able to store more dried foodstuffs in fewer containers.

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